Using the Built-In Annotation Literals
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 8
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Using the Built-In Annotation Literals

The following built-in annotations define a Literal static nested class, which can be used as a convenience feature for creating instances of annotations:

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Any

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Default

  • javax.enterprise.inject.New

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Specializes

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Vetoed

  • javax.enterprise.util.Nonbinding

  • javax.enterprise.context.Initialized

  • javax.enterprise.context.Destroyed

  • javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped

  • javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped

  • javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped

  • javax.enterprise.context.Dependent

  • javax.enterprise.context.ConversationScoped

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Alternative

  • javax.enterprise.inject.Typed

For example:

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