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Defining the universe

6.1 Locales and HiResCoord

6.2 View, ViewPlatform, and Locale 6.3 SimpleUniverse

6.4 Background geometry 6.5 Using multiple views 6.6 Summary

One of the fundamental choices you will have to make in your choice of VirtualUniverse configuration is whether to use the SimpleUniverse utility classes or to rely upon the lower level VirtualUniverse classes. By the end of this chapter you should understand the elements of the Java 3D scenegraph rendering model.

Essential elements of the Java 3D scenegraph are covered:

Defining regions within your universe using Locales

Attaching the View model to the VirtualUniverse through the ViewPlatform

Using multiple Views for rendering

SimpleUniverse utility classes

Creating Views, Geometry, and PlatformGeometry for Avatars