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The scenegraph

4.1 Overview 39

4.2 What is a scenegraph?

4.3 Java 3D and the scenegraph 4.4 Elements of scenegraph design 4.5 Scenegraph advantages

4.6 Hierarchical control

4.7 Immediate mode vs. retained mode vs. mixed mode 4.8 Summary

Is a scenegraph appropriate for your application? If you choose to use a scenegraph for your application you should be able to sketch the required elements out on paper.

In this chapter, I’ll introduce the concept of a scenegraph for modeling 3D scenes. I’ll present several examples that can be used to guide the scenegraph design process for your application. I’ll show you the benefits and drawbacks of using the Java 3D scenegraph along with comparative information for rendering in immediate mode and mixed mode. The possible elements of a Java 3D scenegraph are presented along with usage hints and tips.