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C.3 GeomBuffer

Java 3D programmers coming from an OpenGL background will recognize much of the code used to define the vertices and normal vectors of the Box primitive, defined in com.sun.j3d.utils.geometry.Box.

GeomBuffer gbuf = new GeomBuffer(4);

//extract of code to generate the geometry of a Box gbuf.begin(GeomBuffer.QUAD_STRIP);

gbuf.normal3d( (double) normals[i].x*sign, (double) normals[i].y*sign, (double) normals[i].z*sign);

gbuf.texCoord2d(tcoords[i*8 + j*2], tcoords[i*8 + j*2 + 1]); gbuf.vertex3d( (double) verts[i*12 + j*3]*xdim, (double) verts[i*12+ j*3 + 1]*ydim,

(double) verts[i*12+ j*3 + 2]*zdim ); gbuf.end();

//create a Shape3D object to wrap the GeomBuffer Shape3D shape =

new Shape3D( gbuf.getGeom( GeomBuffer.GENERATE_NORMALS ) );

The GeomBuffer class has been designed to allow OpenGL programmers to quickly and easily generate Java 3D geometry in a manner similar to defining an OpenGL display list (for example). In the preceding example a GeomBuffer is created to hold four vertices defined as a quad strip which draws a connected group of quadrilaterals. One quadrilateral is defined for each pair of vertices presented after the first pair. Vertices 2n − 1, 2n, 2n + 2, and 2n + 1 define quadrilateral n, and n quadrilaterals are drawn.

The GeomBuffer class is used in many of the classes derived from Primitive since, I suspect, this code has been ported from an OpenGL−based implementation and the GeomBuffer was created to simplify porting.

int QUAD_STRIP = 0x01; int TRIANGLES = 0x02; int QUADS = 0x04;

At present, an instance of a GeomBuffer can contain only a single primitive type; that is, one cannot mix quad strips and Triangles (for example) in a single GeomBuffer.

Except for a bug that causes the GeomBuffer to generate a TriangleStripArray for a QUAD_STRIP instead of a QuadStripArray, the class is easy to use and allows OpenGL code to be quickly inserted into a Java 3D application.



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