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A.3.1 Running applet examples

Some of the examples are available as both an application and an applet. Applets use the JDK 1.2 plug−in and

include an HTML file in their example directory. If you have followed the installation instructions in chapter 2, the examples should run by just double−clicking the HTML file to open it in your Netscape or Internet Explorer web browser.

Note that the dselman.jar file containing all the class files for the book should be copied into the JRE\LIB\EXT directory.

The following examples are available in applet and application form:

AlphaTest: Simple 2D display using Java 3D Alpha class.

CustomAlphaTest: 2D display of a custom Alpha class with a popup Java 3D rendering Canvas.

JavaMet: Large 2D/3D Swing application.

VrmlPickingTest: Loads a VRML file into the browser and activates picking (mouse selection). Use the mouse buttons to rotate, translate, and scale the VRML model.