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A.2 Installation notes

Before running any of the included examples, please complete the general Java 3D installation instructions described in chapter 3. Verify that Sun’s Java 3D demo applications run from the command line. For example:

C:\jdk1.3\demo\java3d\HelloUniverse>java HelloUniverse

should pop up a window with a rotating cube.

Next, download and unzip the examples for the book to a suitable directory. Copy the utility JAR files:

j3dtree.jar (open−source Java 3D scenegraph viewer, written by the author)

vrml97.jar (Java 3D VRML loader)

to the JDK extensions directory. For example, copy them to C:\JDK1.3\JRE\LIB\EXT

This will make the classes within the JAR files available to Java applications without referencing them in the CLASSPATH, making it easier to run the examples.