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18.13 Summary

I hope this quick summary of Sun’s Java 3D implementation has given you an appreciation for how it works and has piqued your interest. Poking around, using fairly simple tools and a little guesswork you can learn a lot–either purely for education or to help performance tune or debug your Java 3D applications.

One of the criticisms of Java 3D has been the lack of information on the implementation of the API. Parts of the Java 3D Specification are vague and the semantics of how changes to the scenegraph are propagated across the runtime, synchronized, and rendered are largely undocumented. I hope this chapter will spur on others at Sun, or elsewhere, to further document some of these more advanced aspects of the implementation.

Since this is the last chapter, I say well done! I’m sure it’s been a hard slog, especially if you are new to Java 3D, but I hope it has been worth it. Don’t hesitate to contact me through the Manning Authors Online forum, or we may run into each other on Sun’s Java 3D email list. May all your capability bits be set correctly!


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