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3.1.2 Java 3D 1.2 JDK

Download the latest release of the Java 3D SDK at
http://www.javasoft.com/products/java−media/3D/index.php. The OpenGL version of Java 3D has historically been more stable and ahead of the DirectX release in terms of features. At the time of print the latest release is Java 3D 1.2.1. You should install Java 3D into the same directory as the Java 2 SDK, typically c:\jdk1.3. This will ensure that all your Java 2 demo applications are installed into the same place.

You can then use REGEDIT to edit the Windows registry to remove all references to the JRE installation directory (which is also installed when you install the SDK). Replace all occurrences of c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.3\… with the SDK installation location, usually c:\jdk1.3\jre\… This will enable running the Java 3D demos from the command line, and ensure that only one Java 2 runtime environment is installed on your machine.