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Java 3D system architecture

18.1 Introduction

18.2 Threads running a Java 3D application 18.3 MasterControl

18.4 BehaviorScheduler

18.5 InputDeviceScheduler

18.6 Renderer

18.7 StructureUpdateThread

18.8 TimerThread

18.9 SceneGraphObject

18.10 Node types

18.11 Exception Strings

18.12 J3D DLL

18.13 Summary

By now I hope you are curious to know how Java 3D achieves what it does. In this chapter we gallop through some of the implementation details behind the Java 3D API gaining insight into getting the most from Java 3D and maximizing the performance of your applications. This chapter gives you some clues for implementing your own 3D graphics API in Java.

Sun’s Java 3D internal implementation details are all subject to change at any time. The version described here is Java 3D 1.2 running on the Win32 platform.