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Java 3D, Swing, and applets

17.1 Building the Java 3D Swing application 17.2 Adding support for running as an applet 17.3 Conclusions

We have reached the point where we can build a complete Java 3D application that integrates Swing for the 2D interface components and Java 3D for a 3D rendering window.

In addition, we will attempt to deploy the application as an applet using the Java 2 SDK plug−in. This is an ambitious and challenging deployment environment, but improvements in the runtime installation of Java 2 and the Java 2 plug−in are making this an increasingly viable possibility. Java WebStart represents an exciting development in this area, which may make one−click distribution, installation, and launch of Java 2−based applications a reality. A high level overview of the SwingTest example is presented along with extensive source code annotations. Please refer to
http://java.sun.com/products/javawebstart/ for Java WebStart documentation.