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10.1.3 Lighting and material properties

Examining the lighting equation one can see how the various material properties for the surface interplay.

The emissive (Me) and ambient (Ma) color of the surface are combined irrespective of vertex−normal vectors, and the position or color of lights in the scene.

The diffuse color (Md) of the surface is combined with the color of each light (Lci) and applied relative to the angle between each light and each vertex normal. If the light and the normal vector are perpendicular there is no diffuse color component applied.

The material specular color (Ms) is combined with the light color (Lci) in proportion to the calculated specular component.

In other words,

The color of a light is combined with the diffuse and specular material color for a surface.

The emissive and ambient colors of a surface are irrespective of light color or position.