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9.4 LineAttributes








Table 9.2 Capability bits for the LineAttributes class




OpenGL Reference: glLineStipple, glLineWidth

The LineAttributes class controls the style of lines used to draw the edges of surfaces. See table 9.2. The available styles are:

Antialiasing: on or off

Pattern: dash, dash dot, dot, or solid

Line width: In pixels

To see the effect of the LineAttributes class, the Appearance must be set to render in LINE (wire frame) mode:

Appearance app = new Appearance();

PolygonAttributes polyAttribs = new PolygonAttributes( PolygonAttributes.POLYGON_LINE, PolygonA app.setPolygonAttributes(polyAttribs );

See section 9.7.1 for more detail on PolygonAttributes. Figures 9.3–9.6 show examples rendered using various LineAttribute styles.


Figure 9.3 Rendering in LINE mode with a null LineAttributes


Figure 9.4 Rendering with a LineAttributes of width 10 without antialiasing


Figure 9.5 Rendering with a LineAttributes of width 10 with antialiasing


Figure 9.6 Rendering with a LineAttributes of width 2 with a Dash Dot pattern

The lines rendered in LINE mode are effected by color, lighting, and texture applied to surfaces.