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3D graphics programming

2.1 Learning 3D graphics programming

2.2 Projecting from 3D world coordinates to 2D screen coordinates 2.3 Lighting effects

2.4 Putting it together—MyJava3D 2.5 Summary

3D graphics programming is a fairly complex topic, worthy of a book unto itself (and there are many), but this introduction should serve as a good roadmap for further reading and give an appreciation for what Java 3D and your OpenGL or DirectX drivers are doing behind the scenes. In this chapter, I describe some of the fundamental underlying graphics techniques that allow a computer to transform a 3D scene description into a rendered image.

I’ll explain much of the needed terminology; however, if you need more information, I recommend the online 3D graphics glossaries from Mondo Media (
), 3Dgaming.com (
), and Chalmers Medialab (