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8.1 Shape3D










The Shape3D class is essential to defining viewable geometry in Java 3D. The Shape3D class packages the geometry information for a visual object along with the appearance information that governs how the geometry is rendered. The Appearance class is covered in chapter 9 and includes a variety of rendering attributes (material, line, surface attributes, etc.).

In addition, each Shape3D maintains a Bounds object for use in collision detection and intersection testing between PickRays (lines) and other Shape3D objects in the scene.

As is customary, Shape3D ensures access to internal variables and attributes is subject to the capability bits that have been set for the Shape3D object.

An example class derived from Shape3D is the ColorCube class. The source code for the ColorCube class is available in the com.sun.java.j3d.utils.geometry package where ColorCube is defined. The basic principle is to define geometry using one of the Geometry−derived classes such as QuadArray and then assign the geometry to the Shape3D using setGeometry(...).

GeometryArray−derived classes can also store the normal vectors, colors, and texture coordinates for each vertex defined.


8.1.1 The user data field