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Geometry reference

8.1 Shape3D

8.2 Primitive

8.3 GeomBuffer

8.4 Rasters

8.5 Text2D

8.6 Text3D

8.7 Morph

8.8 Summary

Just as life offers many choices, Java 3D provides many geometry generation options. By reading the relevant section for the geometry option you are interested in using, you can quickly come up to speed on typical usage and learn useful programming tips.

The sections in this chapter describe the mechanics and implementation issues for the geometry generation options available in Java 3D. These are:

The Shape3D classes (part of the core javax.media.j3d package)

Primitive derived classes (from com.sun.java.j3d.utils including Box, Cone, Sphere, and so on

Text (2D and 3D) generation