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7.2.4 Development time and asset management

Complex geometry for visualization will either be loaded into your application in a standard 3D graphics file format (such as VRML), a proprietary 3D graphics format, or as raw data that must be processed to produce geometry for rendering. For data in a standard 3D graphics format, one of many available Sun or third−party ObjectLoaders can be used. For data in a proprietary format a custom ObjectLoader can be written that adheres to the interfaces required for ObjectLoaders. Raw numerical data must be processed using application−specific methods. These could include triangulation, surface fitting, geometry assignment and generation, color assignment, and so on.

Many different data loaders (ObjectLoaders) have been developed and these are constantly being refined and supplemented. Some of the most popular are the VRML, DXF, and Lightwave data file loaders. These allow 3D graphics designers to work in parallel to define geometry, while Java 3D programmers can concentrate their efforts on UI, application logic, and behavior programming.