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An important part of your application design is to estimate your expected performance and validate your design against your target machine configurations. Aim to build some simple prototypes that will allow you to extrapolate your finished application’s performance. It is far easier to revise your designs at this stage than two weeks before completion.

For example, on my home machine—with an AMD 850 MHz processor, nVidia GeForce II Ultra (64 MB RAM) graphics card, and 256 MB RAM—I get about 35 FPS running the Java 3D Fly−Through example application (
http://www.javasoft.com/products/java−media/3D/flythrough.php). The Fly−Through city scene (figure 1.2) is composed of 195,000 triangles, 4,115 Shape3D instances, and 1,238 Appearances (uncompiled scenegraph).


Figure 1.2 The Sun Java 3D example Fly−Through


1.4.1 Memory footprint