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6.1 Locales and HiResCoord

The VirtualUniverse class contains the virtual world that an application developer populates with Geometry, Behaviors, Lights, and so forth. The VirtualUniverse consists of a collection of Locales. A Locale defines a geographical area within the VirtualUniverse and is anchored at a given 3D coordinate. A Locale uses 256−bit coordinates to specify the anchored x, y, and z position. The 256−bit coordinates are stored in a HiResCoord object and allow a Locale to be positioned within a virtual space the size of the known (physical) universe yet also maintain a precision of a Planck length (smaller than the size of a proton).

Most applications do not require more than one Locale; hence the SimpleUniverse class creates a VirtualUniverse instance with a single Locale. SimpleUniverse is derived from VirtualUniverse and is covered in detail in chapter 3. The default constructor for a Locale positions the Locale at the origin of the VirtualUniverse. Within a Locale, doubles or floats are used to specify the positions of objects. If a double is large enough to represent the positions of all the objects within your scene accurately, then a single Locale should be sufficient.

However, imagine a scenario: your application is to model parts of the galaxy. The model is to contain the planets orbiting the Sun. On the Earth, the model contains a geometry object a few meters across to represent a house. All the objects in the model are to be created to scale.

How would one go about building such a model for the viewer to be able to switch between three different viewing modes?

Galaxy: See the Sun with the planets rotating about it.

Earth: See the planet Earth as it spins about its axis.

House: View the house on earth.

Locales were designed to handle applications such as that just described. The HiResCoordTest example implements the application shown in figure 6.1. Creating multiple Locales is a fairly lengthy process, so the whole example cannot be included here.


Figure 6.1 Views of the three Locales defined in HiResCoordTest.java

The first problem encountered is how to specify the location of a Locale.


From HiResCoordTest.java